Healing Services


Overview: Healing Your Body, Soul, & Home

Optimal health is achieved when there is harmony between your body, soul and environment. Addressing all three of these areas together will facilitate healing in each other and help bring you more quickly in alignment with your soul purpose. 

Healing Your Body

 I employ a variety of healing modalities for working with my client's health issues.  Each modality offers a unique kind of healing energy that compliments the other modalities.  This enables me to give my clients the best and most appropriate healing experience tailored for them.

Healing Your Soul

Healing energy can help dissolve negative patterns stored in the body, but if the root cause of a disease is with the soul, then the soul needs to be healed first or the disease will keep returning. The status and health of your soul are found in your personal Akashic Record.  Clearing blocks and restrictions from this record can have a profound effect on your soul journey, personal relationships, health and well-being. 

Healing Your Home

Your home is an extension of your body.  If it is cluttered and disorganized, filled with toxic chemical pollutants, toxic negative energies and/or the presence of dark entities, it can have a negative effect on all aspects of your Being.  Clearing your home of all toxic things and energizing it with positive loving energies will create the kind of supportive environment that will promote your health and well-being.