Heal Your Body

Overview: Healing Your Body, Soul, and Home

Optimal health is achieved when there is harmony between your body, soul and environment. Addressing all three of these areas together will facilitate healing in each other and help bring you more quickly in alignment with your soul purpose.  Healing your body is only one part of the equation for personal health and well-being. 

Details on Healing Your Body

I employ a variety of healing modalities for working with my client's health issues.  Each modality offers a unique kind of healing energy that compliments the other modalities.  This enables me to give my clients the best and most appropriate healing experience tailored for them.

* The price for a healing session is based on time.  For any healing modality, whether done in person or by distant healing, the price is: $60 for 60 minutes or $75 for 90 minutes.

* To schedule a healing session:  Go to the website's "Contact Me" page which shows my email address and phone number.  Let me know your interest.

The primary healing modalities used:

  • Reiki -  Classical Usui and Reiki Holy Fire
  • Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) - Recruiting Angels in healing your spirit, mind & body
  • Seraphic Healing Energies - Healing energies available through Seraphim Angels
  • Divine Mother Energies - Special healing energies from Divine Mother for mankind
  • Planetary Washes - Healing energy from  planets

Specialty Healing (90 minute session): Using a unique Seraphim Blueprint healing protocol, all types of Seraphic healing energies along with blessings requested from Angels or other Beings of Light of your choice are mixed in the best combination and appropriate intensities tailored specifically for your health needs at this time.

Distant Healing: Price same as in person (see above). Many people prefer distant healing because it allows them to remain in the comfort of their home for a healing session that is usually as effective as in person. Your first distant healing session is free to see if it meets your expectations!  Schedule an appointment today.

Divine Mother - Blue Rain of Concentrated Divine Love: Price is based on time as given above.  This is a specialty healing offered through the Seraphim Blueprint.  Healing is done distantly through the grace of Divine Mother.  Allow for about 10 to 15 minutes to create an energy sphere around a person, fill it with Blue Rain and then direct it to heal the person.  This is a new energy from Divine Mother for mankind that has never been on Earth before.  We are still learning about all of its wonderful uses.  Think of it as healing the body by polishing the Soul.  For more information, click on the "About Divine Mother Energies" button below. 

Divine Mother - Divine Panchakarma Energy Healing System.  Price is based on time as given above.  This is a specialty healing offered through the Seraphim Blueprint.  Healing is done distantly through Divine Mother and her Panchakarma team of healing masters.  There are 13 different Panchakarma divine energies available for cleaning, healing and perfecting different aspects of the human body.  Each of these divine energies takes about eight to ten minutes to complete.  Depending on need, one or all thirteen divine energies can be used in creating a healing experience that is tailored for your unique situation.  For a detailed description, click on the "About Divine Mother Energies"  button below.  

Planetary Washes: Price is $15 for a single wash (9 minutes).  Can be done in person or by distant healing. This is a unique healing modality offered by Seraphim Blueprint that uses the healing energy from planets.  For more information, click on the "About Planetary Washes" button below.  



If you want to schedule a healing session, or you want additional information, "Click" on the button below.  This will send you to the website's "Contact Me" page which shows my email address and phone number.  Let me know your interest.

About Reiki


What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient “laying on hands” healing modality that uses the universal life force energy that permeates and radiates from all living things.  This energy goes by many different names from around the world.  In China, it’s called Qi or Chi; in Japan, it’s referred to as Ki; the North American Iroquois used Orenda in their healing rituals; and in India the healing life force is Prana, the breath of life.  In Hebrew, it’s termed Ruach; in Islam, Barakah; and in Christianity, Holy Spirit.  In science, we simply call it pulse biomagnetic field energy.   It really doesn’t matter what you call it, or from what culture your ancestors come, the healing force is the same.  It is present within everyone and everything and we all have the innate ability to use this life force energy in healing ourselves and others.

Most of us, whether we know it or not, probably have already used the basic principles of Reiki in our daily lives.  If you have ever bumped your knee or stubbed your toe, what did you do?  Most people, without hesitation, will grab their knee or toe with their hands and embrace it.  Why?  It's as if, we all instinctively know that our hands have the healing power to relieve pain.  

When we use our hands to comfort pain, we are actually transferring and focusing life force energy to the injured area.  A Reiki practitioner is someone who has been attuned to this universal life force energy and their body’s energy channels have been opened and cleared of obstructions to allow for greater energy flow.  Reiki is the transfer and focus of the highest healing energy from one person to another.

Let me make one thing clear, a Reiki practitioner doesn’t actually heal anyone but rather the universal life force energy that flows through them, unobstructed, does the healing.  A Reiki practitioner merely serves as a lens to focus and direct life force energy.

The word Reiki is Japanese and is derived from two words.  Rei, meaning "Spirit", and Ki, meaning "life force  energy".  Taken together, Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy."  Reiki is the vital force that comes directly from God, the highest Source of all that is.

Reiki can be used for everyone, of any race, creed, or age.  It can be given anywhere, at anytime, and for any situation.  Reiki is truly a universal life force energy for all of Life.

The most popular Reiki in the world is Usui Reiki Ryoho (healing system) named after Mikao Usui (1865-1926), a Japenese monk, who was the founder of this style of Reiki in 1922.   Usui Reiki differs from the other styles of Reiki from that time period in that Mikao Usui was given the insight for a special attunement process enabling him to more easily teach others to become Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers.  With Usui's Reiki healing system, the practice of Reiki has spread around the world.  Today, millions of people practice Reki on themselves and others for relieving stress and pain and promoting good health and an inner state of peace and tranquility.


A Typical Reiki Session

In a typical Reiki session, the client will be lying fully clothed on a massage table.  A session begins when the practitioner lays his or her hands on the client, life force energy will flow through the practitioner into the client.  Hand positions will vary depending on the Reiki style.

In the Western style, the practitioner, in a systematic manner, will lay his or her hands first at specific positions on the head, then neck, the shoulders, abdomen, knees, feet, and finishing with areas on the back.  Hands are simply held at each position, lightly touching or slightly away from the body for 5 to 7 minutes.  An entire session will take about 60 to 90 minutes to complete.  Shorter sessions or giving Reiki to only an afflicted area can be done as well.  What I like about the Western style, and its multiple hand positions, is that the entire body from head to toe becomes saturated with life force energy, including all the internal vital organs of the body.  As Reiki energy moves through the body, it relaxes and increases blood flow to each area.   It also opens Chakras and meridians, the primary means through which vital force energy is distributed throughout the body.   During a full Reiki session, most people experience feelings of peace, well-being and such deep relaxation that they usually fall asleep.

The Japanese style, as originally taught by Mikao Usui, does not use any specific hand positions.  Instead, a practitioner is guided by their intuition, results of body scanning, or client request to all the specific areas of the client’s body that need attention.  Often when using this approach, after relieving a specific area of its pain and discomfort, a new area will require attention, and then a third, fourth, and other areas pop up as well.  So, you may find yourself chasing after the pain as your client’s body directs you where to go.  The commonality between multiple locations of pain is that usually they are different spots on the same meridian.  One advantage of the Japanese style is that it’s faster than the Western style because it’s more surgical in its approach.

Health Benefits

According to the principles of Reiki, our health, whether spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical, is dependent upon the availability of life force energy.  When your life force energy is low, you will have poor resistance to stress, your immune system will be weakened and you will become more vulnerable to dis-ease.  When your life force energy is strong, you will have good resistance to stress, a strong immune system and will have protection from disease.  Reiki is a technique that increases a person’s supply of life force energy, and therefore, it is beneficial for healthy and unhealthy people alike.

Those people who are suffering with health issues, the root cause is often an energy imbalance due to stagnation or blockage of the flow of life force energy.  A Reiki treatment gets life force energy and blood containing vital nutrients flowing again into the afflicted areas.  This invokes our inherent healing abilities to take care of the issue and restore harmony to the afflicted areas.  Not surprisingly, Reiki is useful for all kinds of minor conditions, everything from headaches to ankle sprain injuries.  Reiki energy relieves pain and promotes healing of injured tissues.  A Reiki treatment also promotes spiritual and psychological healing as well.  It reduces stress, anxiety, anger, fear and depression, and replaces these unhealthy feelings with a sense of calmness, peace and tranquility.   Reiki treatments are a good way of keeping the supply of your life force energy strong and flowing in order to sustain balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.

Reiki treatments can also sometimes have miraculous results!  We will let you be the judge of that.  Reiki energy comes from God, the Source of all that is, and there is no limit to the possibilities of what God can do for your health or in reshaping your life.  Sometimes good health results after finding the right doctor or teacher.  Reiki energy also helps in making these kind of serendipitous events happen more frequently in your daily life.


If you enjoy Reiki sessions, why not learn how to give your own sessions?  Reiki is simple and easy to learn; anyone can learn it, and there are no prerequisites. Once you’ve learned, you will be able to give Reiki energy to yourself and others.  "Click" the button for more information.  

Disclaimer:   Reiki healing energy is never intended to replace the essential services provided by trained Health Care Professionals. 

About Integrative Energy Therapy (IET)


What is IET?

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The Angels of IET

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Angels which areas of body they heal 

A Typical IET Session

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Health Benefits

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If you enjoy IET sessions, why not learn how to give your own sessions?  IET is simple and easy to learn. The Healing Angels are always thrilled whenever someone asks for their help and has the ambition to let them teach you this amazing healing modality.  "Click" the button for more information. 

Disclaimer:   Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is never intended to replace the essential services provided by trained Health Care Professionals.  

About Seraphic Healing Energies


Seraphim Blueprint

About 13,000 years ago, a group of Seraphim Angels created and placed into the ethers that surround Earth a cosmological system of Seraphic energies for mankind that would help us through Earth’s transformation and promote our well-being and spiritual growth.  Today, this system of Seraphic energies is known as the Seraphim Blueprint.

Most of these energies were designed specifically for our spiritual evolution and personal development only.  However, several of the original energies, along with recently added energies, are specialized for healing us and others. 

The Seraphic energies used here provide some of the most powerful and unique healing tools I have ever seen.  A description of some of these energies are given below.

The price of any healing session is based on time:  $60 for 60 minutes and $75 for 90 minutes.

Primary Seraphim Blueprint Energies Used in Healing

Two of the original Seraphim Blueprint energies designated for healing are Seraphic Life Force Energy and Divine Harmonizer.  These two energies can be used together and complement each other.  The Seraphic Life Force Energy repairs and heals the spirit, mind and body.  This energy transcends space and time and can be sent over long distances or into the past or future for healing.  The Divine Harmonizer energy replaces negative energy patterns with harmonizing patterns to lay a foundation for optimal health.

The seraphic life force energy can also be employed as a special Seraphic surgery tool.  Here, a powerful Seraphic energy field is created between the hands of the practitioner for healing specific areas of their client's body.  Typically, this technique is used for 3 to 7 minutes on a problem area of the body and repeated once a week for seven weeks for complete healing. 

Healing Advanced

Within this Seraphim Blueprint healing specialty, a technique is provided to auto mix all the Seraphic healing energies, including planetary washes, in the most appropriate intensities and proportions tailored specifically for my client.  Moreover, energies from other healing modalities, such as Reiki, and/or blessings from requested Angels and Ascended Masters can be combined with the Seraphic healing energies to give my client a truly unique healing experience.


Seraphic Light

Seraphic Light is a healing energy derived from the Seraphim.  This high vibrational energy has never been on our planet before.  It consists of a set of specialty energy tools, some of which are unique and amazingly effective for healing.

When a client comes to me for a healing session, I generally start with three Seraphic Light energies:

  • an energy that clears, cleanses, and stabilizes all the Chakras and Nadis of their body
  • a second that grounds a person, directionally and dimensionally
  • and a third energy that helps neutralize the effects of gravity on their body, slowing the aging process and relaxing strained muscles.

One of my favorite Seraphic Light energies is Seraphic Laser.  When invoked, a Seraphic light is emitted from the palm Chakras that mimics a laser in its use.  The Seraphic laser is helpful in reducing pain and inflammation.  It relaxes and increases blood flow in a targeted area.  It has also been reported to help reduce wrinkles, scars and uneven pigmentation in the skin.  At high intensities, it can also be used to blast out negative entities and negative energy patterns affecting my client.

Seraphim Aqua Dynamics

Seraphim Aqua Dynamics consists of a new set of unique Seraphic energy tools that specifically focus on enhancing our ability to interact with water molecules in our body.  The human body is essentially a bag of mostly water, about 66-75% by mass (weight).  Since water molecules are extremely tiny,  this means that they make up about 97-99% of all molecules in the human body.  Hence, water plays a critical role in all aspects of the structure and function of our bodies.

Places in the body where water (fluid) becomes stagnant often result in disease and degeneration.  Sometimes healing can be achieved by simply getting water, and the life force energy and nutrients it carries, moving again into the diseased tissue.

Traditionally, energy work involves saturating your client and/or their affected area with healing energy until their body is able to hold onto new healing patterns.  With the Seraphim Aqua Dynamics, a much different approach is used.  Here, its energy tools are at vibrations that resonate with water, enabling them to restructure water molecules so they can accommodate more energy and be imprinted with new healing patterns.

Several of the energetic tools I use from Seraphim Aqua Dynamics include:

  • Seraphim Aqua Mix - This energy strengthens our body's ability to interact with water and restructure it so it can accommodate new healing patterns.
  • Rainbow Fusion - This opens the full scale of healing energies that are available to us and enhances their absorption by the cells of our body.
  • Cleanse and Elimination - Uses the inherent intelligence of water to more efficiently eliminate toxins and waste.  It also removes negative energy patterns stored in the body, such as those acquired from negative emotions, thought forms and psychic attack.
  • Circulation and Hydration - This energy assists with creating an optimal internal flow of water, to move stagnant fluids and to provide each organ with the ideal hydration and conductivity.  It creates harmony in the functioning of our body.

Seraphim Etheric Crystals

Most people know about the healing power of natural quartz crystals.  They have been used by healers and priests for millennia.  Natural quartz  has the ability to collect, amplify, and direct energy.  They can be empowered with all kinds of healing energies, such as life force energy or even the astrological qualities of planets. 

The Nature of Etheric Crystals.  Crystalline structures can also be grown from energy, forming etheric crystals, which possess many of the properties of natural quartz crystals, including healing, but without physical limitations.  They can be created anyplace inside, or on the outside, of one’s body to anchor, collect, amplify, and radiate special healing energies.  Large etheric crystals that encompass the entire body are useful in helping heal systemic issues, such as inflammation, pain, autoimmune diseases and cancer.  Smaller etheric crystals grown inside the body at a specific spot, such as an injured or arthritic joint, can greatly accelerate its healing.  There is a lot of flexibility in the size of etheric crystals that can be used.  For instance, if a person is inflicted with heart disease, one large etheric crystal that encompasses the entire heart could be created, or alternatively, millions of microscopic etheric crystals, one inside each and every cell of the heart, could also be created.  Either approach would provide 24/7 healing energy, but with a different emphasis.

It Has Consciousness.  When an etheric crystal is first created and charged with Seraphim Blueprint energy, it develops its own consciousness, intelligence, awareness, and forms a relationship with its creator.  An etheric crystal can be created of any size, anyplace and for practically any kind of purpose.  Since these etheric crystals have awareness, they need to periodically be checked on, preferably on a daily basis, to make sure they are okay and determine whether an additional infusion of energy or new kinds of energy would be useful in their development.  Etheric crystals need nurturing and should never be abandoned.

Using Seraphim Etheric Crystals.  When I use etheric crystals in healing work, I consult my client’s Higher Self, Spirit Guide Team or access their Akashic Record for pertinent information about their health.  Guidance received helps me select the appropriate healing energy for programming an etheric crystal.  Also, I get information about the optimal size and location where an etheric crystal(s) should be created within or on my client’s body.  I continue working with my client’s Spirit Guide Team in making daily adjustments to the etheric crystal(s) as needed through the healing process.  Once the healing has been completed, or the etheric crystal is no longer needed, I thank the etheric crystal for its service and work closely with it in its dissolution and release of its energies back into the aether surrounding Earth.

I have found that etheric crystals created from Seraphim Blueprint energies are an amazing healing tool that complement all my other healing modalities very nicely.  They enable me to provide my clients with special 24/7 healing at specific troubled areas of their body or simply areas that they want to give extra love and healing.

Seraphim Energy Flushes

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 If  you enjoy receiving Seraphic healing energies, why not learn how to  heal yourself and others.  Learn Seraphim Blueprint today.  "Click" the button for more information.

Disclaimer:   Seraphim Blueprint energies are never intended to replace the essential services provided by trained Health Care Professionals. 

About Divine Mother Energies


Who Is Divine Mother?

Divine Mother is God, the Source of all that is.  She is the feminine aspect of God.  In contrast to Divine Father or Heavenly Father who is the masculine aspect of God.  Teachings of Eastern religions and philosophies, especially in India, are based upon Divine Mother in which we and everything in Nature have always been and will always be one with Her.  None of us have ever been truly alone.  She is the unifying force behind everything.  Divine Mother comes in the name of Truth, Wholeness, Love, Compassion, and Totality.

In Earth's history there has always been a struggle between forces of Light and Darkness.  God created both and neither can exist without the other.  They give meaning to each other by showing what each is not. They are opposing forces.  This is the duality of life, the Yin and Yang, and it is the play between opposites and their blending that creates balance and harmony in Life.  Neither forces of Light nor forces of Darkness are good or evil.  Good and evil is a concept of man not God.  In Nature, things just happen the way they were meant.  Nature does not take sides, Her main focus is always on maintaining balance in Life.

Today, however, there is a gross imbalance between the forces of Light and Darkness here on Earth.  Over the past few millennia, billions and billions of demonic and dark entities were drawn here to provide contrast and disrupt Earth’s imminent transformation and the spiritual development of mankind.  To thwart their efforts and restore balance, Divine Mother has gifted mankind with special energies that have never been here on Earth before.

Blue Rain of Concentrated Divine Love

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Divine Panchakarma Energy Healing System

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About Planetary Washes


General Information

Our Sun and the planets of our solar system are constantly emitting subtle energies that humanity needs to a greater or lesser degree depending upon their personal astrology.  Unfortunately, however, in our modern times, much of these energies are unable to get through to us because they are being absorbed, transformed, or blocked by pollution smog, electronic smog, and negative thought-form energies now surrounding our planet.  The Seraphim Planetary Washes provide us with additional doses of these beneficial energies.

Planetary washes are unique to Seraphim Blueprint.  They are a supreme gift from the Seraphim to mankind.  A planetary wash provides beneficial energies to counteract negative aspects of one's astrological profile.  Think of planetary washes as astrological medicine to treat the symptoms of cosmological disharmony in your life.  An astrologer can read your astrological chart but can do little at helping with what has been revealed other than warn you.  Whereas, key planetary washes given at the appropriate time can help neutralize the negative aspects of your chart.  For some people, planetary washes can make a big difference in their life.

Planetary washes have a huge healing potential too.  They can temporarily provide certain beneficial energies to your spirit, mind, and body that have become deficient or that were never present.  Hence, you can also think of planetary washes also as astrological vitamins for your total Being.  Each kind of planetary wash provides healing to specific Chakras and organ systems of the body.  They can also  bolster certain desirable qualities in you, remove certain mental blocks and restrictions, enabling you to now make the necessary changes in your life to realize your dreams. 

Disclaimer:   Planetary Washes are never intended to replace the essential services provided by trained Health Care Professionals. 


The price is $15 for a single wash.  The washes have no prerequisite and are gentle enough that anyone of any age and at any time can enjoy their benefits.  A wash can be given either in person or by phone as a distant healing.  It takes about 9 minutes to complete one planetary wash.  Multiple washes can be received, but only one at a time.  During a wash, only the beneficial energies from a particular planet are conferred upon the recipient.  The effect is temporary and will usually linger for about a month, depending on the intensity level chosen for the wash.  A Planetary Wash is like getting out of a bath, you will remain wet with planetary energy for a while until it dries. 

Planetary Energies

The Sun and each of the planets of our solar system emit their own unique energies.  A description of the energetic qualities of the Sun, the planets, and a binary dwarf planet (Pluto) are given below.  Based on your goals and/or astrological constraints, choose the washes below that best suit you.  You can do just one wash or all eleven (one at a time) in a single session.  I can help you decide the best planetary washes for you.

- Planetary Washes and Their Benefits Are Listed Below -


SUN (Solar Wash)

The Sun is the center of our solar system.  All life revolves around it within its sphere of influence. The Sun signifies the Spirit of humanity and our will to be great.

According to the Seraph, a Solar Wash will result in:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Experiencing nuclear explosive energy as incredibly beautiful
  • Oneness with God Force

Some other qualities associated with Solar energy: 

  • Will, Determination, Vitality,
  • Dignity, Leadership, Courage,
  • Confidence, Positivity, Poise, Optimism, Fortitude,
  • Reliance, Individualism, Loyalty, Faith

Chakras:  3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus)

Physical Organs: Brain (Thalamus, Motor Basal Ganglia, Corpus Striatum), Heart and Circulatory System

Practical Application:  A Solar Wash brings power and strength, and in doing so, creates a sense of confidence and optimism in your abilities.  It enhances your will power, determination and courage needed in facing new tasks and overcoming challenges in your life.

A Solar Wash may be useful with health issues involving the thalamus and motor basal ganglia of the brain.  Also, the heart and circulatory system. 


MERCURY (Mercurian Wash)

Mercury is the planet of our mental life, primarily our intellect.  It influences how we receive, process and disseminate information.  Hence, Mercury governs communication.  It gives us the power to manifest through our speech.

According to the Seraph, a Mercurian Wash will result in:

  • Better communication with both physical and non-physical beings.
  • Strengthening our clairaudient abilities.
  • Giving us the ability to speak more easily before our peers.

Some other qualities associated with  Mercurian energy: 

  • Brilliance. Alertness
  • Articulateness, Versatility
  • Discrimination, Awareness
  • Efficiency, Dexterity

Chakras:  5th Chakra (Throat), 7th Chakra (Crown)

Physical Organs: Brain (Reticular Activating System - RAS, Subthalamus, Speech Center, Language Comprehension), Nervous System (synapses), Hands, Tongue, Vocal Cords and Sense of Hearing

Practical Application:  A Mercurian Wash enhances your communication skills.  It will help you with speaking in front of an audience and easing stage fright.  It is especially useful during the astrological phenomenon of a "Mercury Retrograde." See upcoming periods at left.

A Mercurian Wash may be useful with health issues of the brain involving the Reticular Activating System (RAS), such as in ADHD and narcolepsy.  Also, Speech and Language Comprehension areas of the brain, such as in childhood speech developmental issues and aphasia in stroke victims.  Also, may be beneficial for auditory, vocal cord, tongue, and hand health issues.


VENUS (Venusian Wash)

Venus, the Morning Star, changes existence to 'living' through the addition of love, art, and beauty in all aspects of our life.  Venus shows us all forms of love except romantic love, that's Neptune's role.  It rules our sentiments, values, and pleasures we enjoy in life.  Venus shows us what makes us happy.

 According to the Seraph, a Venusian Wash will result in:

  • Purity that results from the burning away of impurity
  • Innocence
  • Compassion
  • A love of luxury and fine things
  • A sweetness in life, and the enjoyment of sweet foods

Some other qualities associated with Venusian energy:

  • Beauty, Art, Attractiveness,
  • Love, Gentleness, 
  • Affection, Femininity,
  • Responsiveness, Cooperativeness,
  • Harmonious, Constructiveness,
  • Refinement 

Chakras:  2nd Chakra (Sacral), 5th Chakra (Throat)

Physical Organs: Brain (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Substantia Nigra), Lymphatic and Immune Systems, Senses of Touch, Taste and Smell

Practical Application:  If you are depressed and bored, a Venusian Wash will enable you to embrace life and enjoy it.  It enhances your sense of touch.  Also, it enhances the senses of taste and smell, making food & drinks taste a whole lot better. 

A Venusian Wash may be useful with health issues of the brain that involve the hypothalamus and pituitary, such as in hormonal imbalances, and the substantia nigra, such as in Parkinson's Disease.  Also, the lymphatic and immune system disorders and will stimulate these systems to purify the blood by removing foreign and unwanted impurities.  


EARTH (Terran Wash)

Earth is Mother.  Earth is home.  All living things here are nourished and sustained through the physical and energetic environment provided and maintained by Gaia/Mother Earth.  Without this sustenance, life degenerates.  Earth is also special to us because it represents the canvas on which we paint our lives.  This is a place where we can realize our dreams and manifest our divinity.  A Terran wash may seem unnecessary because most of life here is already connected to Earth and immersed in her nurturing energy.  However, mankind has a freewill and can choose actions that break this connection.  For those in need, a Terran wash can help them regain their connection with Nature.  And, in doing so, it energizes, reduces stress, promotes good health, enhances empathic abilities, and grounds spirituality.

According to the Seraph, a Terran Wash will result in:

  • Intuition
  • Compassion
  • Enhances empathic abilities
  • Strengthens clairsentience
  • Better communication with Gaia

Some other qualities associated with Terran energy:

  • Adaptability, Connectedness, Focus
  • Cooperativeness, Harmonizing, Protection
  • Sustaining, Nourishing, Soothing
  • Relaxing, Calming, Femininity
  • Good Health, Reduces Stress
  • Being Grounded & Centered
  • Promotes alpha brain waves

Chakras:  4th Chakra (Heart)

Physical Organs: Brain Stem, Parasympathetic Autonomic Nervous System (PANS - vagus nerve), Pancreas, Large Intestine, Skeletal System (Bones, Cartilage, Tendons, Joints), Reproductive Organs (female & male), Senses of Sight, Proprioception and Gravity

Practical Application:  Of all the planetary washes, a Terran Wash is probably the best for maintaining good health because it restores our connection with Earth/Gaia.  It revitalizes life force energy (Chi) and clears the blocks and restrictions that impede the flow of Chi throughout the body.  A Terran Wash enhances Reiki and Seraphic healing energies.  It has a soothing and relaxing effect on the body, calming the mind, reducing stress, and thereby, promoting good health.   It is beneficial for souls that did not originate on Earth.

A Terran Wash may be useful for health issues involving the skeletal system and the reproductive organs.  Also, it may help mitigate some of the disruptive effects of EMF radiation on the body, especially for those who are already hypersensitive to EMF.


MOON (Lunar Wash) requires Lunar/Terran Correction Energy

The Moon rules the rhythmic ebbs and flow of Earth's tides.  As with the sea, it rules our emotions (energy in motion) giving us anything from gentle waves to a flood of overwhelming feelings.  For all living things here, the Moon governs growth, biorhythms, reproductive cycles and sexual drives.  On an astrological level, the Moon dictates emotions and unconscious desires.  It teaches us about getting in touch with our inner feelings and needs, and also, how to better control our emotional outbursts, habits and instinctual drives.

According to the Seraph, a Lunar Wash will result in:

  • Balanced emotions
  • Passion
  • Imagination
  • Dreamer
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Tempered primeval drives

Some other qualities associated with Lunar energy:

  • Peace, Balance, Harmony
  • Moderation, Temperance
  • Playfulness, Femininity
  • Inspiration, Introspection
  • Sentimental, Sensitivity
  • Instinctual, Rhythmicity
  • Habitual behavior

Chakras:  4th Chakra (Heart)

Physical Organs:  Brain's Limbic System (emotions), Hypothalamus, Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (master clock - circadian rhythms), Pineal and Pituitary Glands, Heart, Reproductive Organs (reproductive cycles), Tongue, Senses of Taste and Smell

Practical Application:  A Lunar Wash brings balance and harmony to our emotions by helping release our emotional blocks.  If you feel especially moody or mentally unstable at the time of a full moon, this energy will help sooth and stabilize your emotions and mind.  Also, it dampens out-of-control addictive behavior by restoring balance and harmony to our inner cravings, desires and primeval drives.  A Lunar Wash is especially helpful for souls that did not originate on Earth.

A Lunar Wash may be useful for health issues of the brain involving the limbic system and hypothalamus.  It may be helpful for irregularity of circadian rhythms and menstrual cycles.  Also, infertility issues and health issues of the tongue.

Lunar/Terran Correction Energy

This is a supplemental Seraphic energy that facilitates our ability to better receive Lunar Wash energy.  Mankind has changed over the last ten millennia in such a way that we have difficulty maintaining our connection with Earth/Gaia and especially the Moon. This energy forms a stabilizing bridge between us and the essence of our Moon, so we can more easily receive its energy.  It needs to be administered after Lunar Washes until recipients are able to better receive and integrate this energy on their own.


MARS (Martian Wash)

Mars represents fire energy.  Without the fire of life, there is no action.  Mars is responsible for getting all aspects of our Being (spirit, mind, emotions and body) moving.

According to the Seraph, a Martian Wash results in:

  • Initiative
  • 'Can Do' attitude
  • Assertiveness
  • Decisiveness
  • Focus
  • Dynamic energy
  • Passion
  • Courage

Some other qualities associated with Martian energy:

  • Primeval drives
  • Adventurous
  • Indomitable will to succeed
  • Invigorates life-force energy
  • Masculinity
  • Independence

Chakras:  1st Chakra (Root), 2nd Chakra (Sacral), 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus)

Physical Organs: Brain (Hypothalamus, Motor Pathways, Red Nucleus, Amygdala), Adrenal Glands, Kidneys, Skeletal Muscles and Feet

Practical Application: If you are procrastinating or afraid of doing something, a Martian Wash can push you to take action.  It gives you the courage, passion and focus to follow your ambitions.

A Martian Wash may be useful with health issues of the brain involving  motor pathways, the hypothalamus & amygdala.  It can help you with anxiety and stress conditions related to adrenal gland issues.  Also, health issues with your kidneys, skeletal muscles and feet.


JUPITER (Jovian Wash)

Jupiter governs our potential for growth and expansion in all areas of our Being (spirit, mind and body).  Through our experience of growth and expansion, Jupiter teaches us about our unbounded potential. 

According to the Seraph, a Jovian Wash results in:

  • Financial abundance
  • Generosity
  • Feeling of one's cup flowing over
  • Good luck

Some other qualities associated with Jovian energy:

  • Aspiration, Inspiration,
  • Understanding, Judgement,
  • Expansiveness, Growth, Prosperity, 
  • Faith, Optimism,
  • Friendliness, Joy,
  • Well-being, Good health

Chakras: 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus), 6th Chakra (Third Eye)

Physical Organs: Brain (Globus Pallidus), Digestive System (Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Liver) and Urinary Bladder

Practical Application:  Jovian energy, working from behind the scenes, helps provide you with superb opportunities for career success.  When a Jovian Wash is invoked, it brings financial abundance, joy, good health and good luck into your life.

A Jovian Wash may be useful for health issues of the digestive system involving the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and liver.  Also, issues with the urinary bladder.  


SATURN (Saturnian Wash)

Although Saturn is well known and feared astrologically as a maleficent planet, let me remind you that only the beneficial qualities of Saturn are ever used in a wash. Through Saturn's beneficial energy, we gain ancient wisdom and a deep understanding of Dharma and how our lives fit into the Master Plan for humanity.  Saturn, from behind the scenes, will help get your life in alignment with your dreams and aspirations like no other planet can.

According to the Seraph, a Saturnian Wash results in:

  • Ancient wisdom
  • Telepathy
  • Unicameral mind
  • Individuation
  • Better communication with Gaia
  • Knowledge of Dharma/assigned roles

Some other qualities associated with Saturnian energy:

  • Focus, Attention,
  • Order, Structure, Stability,
  • Integrity, Sense of responsibility, Work ethics,
  • Determination, Judgement, Synchronicity

Chakras:  6th Chakra (Third Eye), 7th Chakra (Crown), 8th Chakra (Soul Star)

Physical Organs: Brain (Putamen), Central Nervous System and Pituitary (master gland)

Practical Application: One of the most common uses for a Saturnian Wash is to help mitigate negative astrological aspects of Saturn on your life.  Saturnian energy can help bring stability and order to your life in chaotic and turbulent times.   It will also help you find your path in life, if you do not know.   Saturnian energy removes mental blocks and restrictions in your life, enabling you to make the necessary changes to realize your dreams.

A Saturnian Wash may be useful for health issues of the central nervous system and pituitary gland.


URANUS (Uranian Wash)

Uranus is the planet of destiny.  It governs genius and represents intuition that comes like lightening in a flash of knowingness.  It is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes and it rules freedom and originality.

According to the Seraph, an Uranian Wash results in:

  • Genius
  • Originality
  • Inventiveness
  • Playfulness
  • Sense of humor

Some other qualities associated with Uranian energy:

  • Progressiveness
  • Intuition
  • Knowingness
  • Insight
  • Destiny
  • Unpredictability
  • Freedom
  • Revolutionary

Chakras:  6th Chakra (Third Eye), 8th Chakra (Soul Star)

Physical Organs: Brain (Nucleus Caudatus -head), Central Nervous System and Pituitary

Practical Application:  A Uranian Wash will give you a spark of genius and originality in your life.  Hence, it is good before a job interview, or for impossible situations that you seemingly have no way out.  With the power of this energy, you may be surprised at the creative solutions to your problems that suddenly appear when needed.

A Uranian Wash may be useful for health issues of the central nervous system and pituitary gland. 


NEPTUNE (Neptunian Wash)

Neptune is a planet of spirituality and all things subtle.  It gives us spiritual, psychic, channeling and musical abilities.  Neptune is a planet of inspiration, dreams and romance.

According to the Seraph, a Neptunian Wash results in:

  • Musical ability
  • Spiritual ability
  • Understanding subtlety and nuances in everything
  • Romance
  • Seeing God in others

Some other qualities associated with Neptunian energy:

  • Sensitivity
  • Psychic and mystical power
  • Channeling ability
  • Dreams, night or day

Chakras:  6th Chakra (Third Eye)

Physical Organs: Brain (Nucleus Caudatus - tail), Pituitary, Skin and Sense of Touch

Practical Application:   A Neptunian Wash, if it's your intention, will enhance your personal magnetism and help attract romantic love into your life.  Use Neptunian energy for the enhancement and refinement of your spiritual, psychic, and channeling abilities.  If you are a musician, this energy will greatly augment your abilities and inspire you to create extraordinary works of music.

A Neptunian Wash may be useful for health issues of the brain, pituitary and skin. 


PLUTO (Plutonian Wash)

Pluto rules our subconscious mind.  It helps us recognize those aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden from our ego and the rest of the world.  Pluto enables us to confront our inner demons and release our untapped spiritual potentials.  It gives us the ability to integrate all parts of ourselves, whether conscious or subconscious, into one wholeness of Being.  Pluto gives us the ability of seeing the subtle aspects of life and all things hidden from view in us and others.

According to the Seraph, a Plutonian Wash results in:

  • Better judgement
  • Cuts through beliefs to see the real value of things
  • Realization of evanescence of life
  • Deeper appreciation
  • Action based on life's evanescence
  • More direct, more to the point

Some other qualities associated with Plutonian energy:

  • Revealing
  • Subtlety
  • Integrative
  • Unboundedness
  • Discerning
  • Common sense

Chakras:  8th Chakra (Soul Star) 

Physical Organs: Brain and Sense of Hearing

Practical Application:  A Plutonian Wash will give you "uncommon" common sense, and in doing so, enable you to make better choices.  In your personal relationships and life situations that you find frustrating and confusing, Plutonian energy can help bring clarification by revealing the real reason behind your unpleasant situation.  Plutonian energy will enhance your ability to uncover subtle or hidden secrets about Nature or your neighbors.

A Plutonian Wash may be useful for health issues of the brain and hearing.  If you are ever afflicted with a mysterious illness, this wash may reveal its hidden root cause.  For this reason, Plutonian energy works amazingly well for all kinds of healing, whether spiritual, mental or physical.