Heal Your Home

Overview: Healing Your Body, Soul, & Home

Optimal health is achieved when there is harmony between your body, soul and environment. Addressing all three of these areas together will facilitate healing in each other and help bring you more quickly in alignment with your soul purpose.  Healing your home is only one part of the equation for personal health and well-being.

Details on Healing Your Home

Your home is an extension of who you are.  If it is cluttered and disorganized, filled with toxic chemical pollutants, toxic negative energies and/or the presence of dark entities, it can have a negative effect on all aspects of your Being.  Clearing your home of all negative things and  energizing it with positive loving energies will create the kind of supportive environment that will promote your health and well-being.

The first step before performing a property clearing or setting up an energy grid for property protection, is to clean the intended home or room.  By removing trash and organizing, creates harmony and order to your property.  Also, if you intend to have an energy grid set up in your home, placing quartz crystal in the corners of intended rooms will help anchor the energy grid. 

Property Clearing

 General Clearing  - Price $30.  Can be done distantly.  A reading of an Akashic Record for a property provides information on whether there are any negative entities or forces present that may be having a disruptive effect on your home and on you.  If so, once these negative influences are removed, it may help restore peace and harmony in your home.

Included with a property clearing, if desired, a free powerful energy field (not permanent) will be created that gives clarity to all confused and stuck earthbound souls (human & animal) and invites them to move to the next realm.  The energy field extends out about 1 mile in radius from the site where activated.  This technique is essential for homes near a slaughterhouse or cemetery.

Property Protection

General Energy Grid - On site set up, Price $30 plus travel expenses. For distant set up, price $45 .  A distant set up requires the mailing of an energized pair of quartz crystals and your assistance over the phone.  Seraphic life force energy is used in the set up of a protection energy grid for your home, a room, or enclosed space, such as your car.  The energy grid is intelligent and can be set up to be permanent, temporary, or conditional, such as, being active only when you are present.  It can also be modified to anchor additional kinds of healing energies and color upon your request.  This energy grid will protect your property from negative entities and help prevent accidents from happening.  The energy from this grid will have a healing and calming effect on everyone within the grid.

Seraphic Light Energy Grid - Price $15 plus travel expense (on site only).  Seraphic light is used in the creation of a special energy grid.   This kind of grid brings in light for healing and energy to your home, room, or car.  Needs to be replenished about once a month.

EMF Protection Energy Grid - Price $15 plus travel expanses (on site only).  This grid will reduce the effects of negative ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) energies on your physical body while in your home.  Needs to be replenished about once a month.   Compliment below -- 

Crystal Power for Healing

General Crystal Empowerment.  Price $10 - $20 plus cost of crystal(s).  Note, very large crystals take longer to empower and cost more.  Most kinds of crystal structures can be used for storing healing energies.  However, clear quartz crystal appears to work the best because it holds the energy pattern with the greatest integrity.  Before empowerment, a crystal is first cleansed and cleared of any negative energy patterns down to its molecular wave form energy.

Larger empowered crystals are good for creating energy fields in rooms and anchoring energy grids inside a home or outside in a garden.  Small empowered tumbled crystals are good for wearing to provide continual healing.  However, empowered crystals are stimulating to the body and probably should not be warn for more than 8 to 10 hours at a time to prevent overloading.

Types of Healing Energies to use: 

  • Seraphic Life Force Energy - When a clear quartz crystal is empowered with this high vibration energy, it is permanent, cannot be undone, and it does not need to be cleansed or cleared again.  A crystal imprinted with this energy is very powerful, and when warn on the body, provides continual healing for all aspects of your spirit, mind and body.  It is especially useful in strengthening your immune system.  It will also strengthen your energy field and give protection from negative entities and energy patterns.
  • Seraphic Light  
  • Seraphic Unbound Love and Light
  • Reiki Healing Energy
  • Planetary Washes

Special Empowered Crystals