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"This website is all about hope and making your dreams and aspirations come true.  Whether you have deep concerns about your physical, emotional and mental health, or who you are at soul level and what are your spiritual gifts, I can help.  I use a holistic and intuitive approach that addresses all aspects of your Being on what course of action to implement that best serves to align you with your Soul purpose."

        Eugene Nau, PhD


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Healing Services

A variety of healing modalities are employed to restore harmony in the body, spirit and your home.  When these three aspects of your life are in balance, health is achieved.

Teaching Services

As a teacher, the greatest gift I can give my students is the ability to heal themselves and also the means to heal and teach others. This is how healing traditions have grown since antiquity.

Upcoming Events

Find scheduled events, such as the next courses I will be teaching, special pricing, and important announcements.

News & Articles

This is your source of articles for the latest updates about healing techniques, spirituality and the science behind healing.

About Me

Learn about the creator of this website and his vision for the future of healing.

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 This is where you can ask me questions, request a healing appointment, or register for upcoming courses I will be teaching.