About Eugene

Looking back over my life, it would appear to someone from the outside that I had been living two completely different lives, running in parallel, one involving Science and the other Spiritual Development.

Science Journey.  I have always been interested in Science, especially biology, even as a little kid.  My interest led me to seek a career in Science.  After getting a PhD in Biology, I became a Research Scientist at a university and loved every minute of it.  Years later, I was the Director of Immunology for a biotech company.  Following that stint, I yearned to get back in academia and took a position as an Assistant Professor at a university, teaching courses in biology.  Over the years, I developed a keen understanding of biological systems.  In the academic setting, I also was able to develop and refine my teaching skills.  I have found that teaching gives my life purpose and meaning.


Spiritual Journey.  When I was 18, I was in a horrific motorcycle accident, in which I broke my back, crushed my chest, shoulder, and hip.  I was lucky to have survived. Years later, because of the accident, I had developed a condition of scoliosis in my spine and sought alternate forms of healing to relieve my pain.  I was first drawn to Reiki and became a Reiki Master/Teacher.  Later, I learned Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) and shortly afterwards became an IET Master/Teacher.  In IET, Angels provide assistance and energy in healing you or your clients.  Next,  I was drawn to learn Seraphim Blueprint and had such wonderful experiences that I knew I had to become a Seraphim Blueprint teacher.  I have found that the best way to deeply learn something is to teach it.  I have also learned how to read Akashic Records by becoming a Soul Realignment Practitioner.* This was the final piece needed for my spiritual journey and now I am free to take an even bolder direction.


Merging of Journeys.  It has taken me my whole life to realize that my seemingly different paths were actually just one path, a journey seeking Truth.  All of us have the inherent desire to expand our consciousness and perfect ourselves more and more.  Ultimately, this is why we all seek Truth about everything.  It doesn’t matter whether you are studying Science or Spirituality, if you look deep enough into either, you will discover that they are essentially saying the same thing, but using different languages.  At the deepest core of existence, Science and Spirituality merge into one.

As a lifelong teacher of both Science and Spirituality, whenever I teach courses in healing methods I always try to include information I’ve learned from Science.  This gives my students a blend of two different traditions for a more holistic understanding.

When giving a healing session, I use my intuition, guidance from my client's spirit guides, and my scientific nutritional insights to design a healing strategy that is tailored for my client.


The Future of Energy Healing.  I believe that our body is a living energy system that has the ability to heal itself.  Disease occurs whenever negative patterns disrupt and block the natural flow of vital force energy in our body.  To restore natural order involves primarily two things: First, replacing the disruptive patterns with harmonizing patterns on all levels of Being.  And Second, providing the correct nutritional support.  When nutrition is combined with harmonizing patterns, the body is once again enabled to repair and rebuild itself.

Current Research Interests:

Arthritis.   I define Arthritis as a symptom of being poisoned.  The primary culprits are certain dietary plant alkaloids and medications.  The Locher Program for Arthritis that I helped develop involves three pillars:  1) remove culprit toxins from diet, 2) purge the body of toxins, and 3) provide nutritional support.  Healing energy is used to help with detoxification, promote assimilation of nutrients and facilitate healing of joints.  Energy work is also used to help ease pain in joints until the body can once again repair and rebuild itself.  Contact me for more information about The Locher Program for Arthritis.

Addictive Behavior.  I do not belief that addictive behavior is a disease, but rather, is the result of the brain doing what it was designed to do.  All of us have the inherent impulse to expand our consciousness and perfect ourselves more and more.  This is who we are and why we ultimately are driven to seek out God.  This same impulse for more and more is also what can get us into whole a lot of trouble, especially if it is directed at drugs or other worldly habits.  My research interest here has been in developing a healing modality for helping appease addictions that encompasses all aspects of one's soul, mind, and body in order to restore balance and harmony.

* If you are interested in Soul Realignment(R) work, my sister Debbie Redmond is a certified practitioner and is amazingly adept with this healing modality.  She is also gifted at Spirit Guide Readings.  Please see her website at www.SouljourneywithDebbie.com or contact her by email at SouljourneywithDebbie@aol.com.

Personal Disclaimer:

Healing is defined loosely here as any improvement in an ongoing health condition, whether spiritual, mental or physical.  I am a teacher at heart and provide primarily information about alternative ways someone may choose in helping heal themselves.  The information provided in my website, articles, a healing session, or class with me is not intended, implied, nor should it be regarded as medical or psychological advice, fact, diagnosis, or treatment and is subject to your own personal interpretation and free will of choice.  Healing treatments given by me are never intended to replace the essential services provided by trained Health Care Professionals.  Please exercise common sense in your choices. 

Eugene Nau, PhD

Eugene Nau, PhD